In this post I want to write up how you can enable to store meeting recordings when the recording button for meetings is greyed out. As of now, if your Microsoft 365 tenant with its Teams data is located in a Microsoft data center region – where the Microsoft Stream service is not running – you cannot or you were unable to record meetings in Teams. Due to the fact that this is very unhandy Microsoft recognized this constrained and added an option to enable recordings if the Teams and Stream data location is not alike. The Teams data location, you can check in your Microsoft 365 Admin Center\Settings\Org-wide settings\Organisation Profile\Data Location.

Source: Microsoft 365 Roadmap

So, to fix the greyed out meeting recording button you have to use PowerShell to enable AllowRecordingStorageOutsideRegion. Please note, that you must have completed all the other prerequisites, too, e.g. correct license assigned to user/s, correct policy with meeting recordings enabled assigned etc.

#Teams Meeting Recording
#Enable meeting recordings if Teams and Stream data are not alike
#Example code 
#Still using the old SFBO module you can also use the new way/Teams module for this
Import-Module SkypeOnlineConnector
if ($cred -eq $null) {$cred = Get-Credential}
#W/O MFA: 
$sfbosession = New-CsOnlineSession -Credential $cred
#$SFBOsession= New-CsOnlineSession ADMIN-UPN
#Import module
Import-PSSession -Session $sfbosession -AllowClobber
Set-CsTeamsMeetingPolicy -Identity Global – AllowCloudRecording $true -AllowRecordingStorageOutsideRegion $true
<#Please note
although it's set quickly it can take quite some time till it is really applied.
Remove-PsSession $sfbosession

I hope this helps.

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