Users get option to change busy on busy in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams telephony users are soon getting the option to configure busy-on-busy as they need it based on Microsoft’s 365 roadmap feature ID 86991. The feature’s release or rollout is planned for February 2023 based on the recent roadmap. Teams Voice Admins can configure this setting using Teams Calling Policies. So as soon as it becomes available users should have the option in their Teams client app on Mac and Windows. Teams users can decided what should happen if another call comes in while they are actually busy on a Teams call or in a Teams meeting.

Call waiting goes through, busy signal or redirection based on user’s unanswered settings are the ones which a user will be able to choose.

Source: Microsoft’s 365 roadmap feature ID 86991

A Teams Voice Admin is already able to prepare for this and adjust this in a Teams Calling Policy, at least in my lab tenant this is already available. If you create and assign custom Teams Calling Policies you also must not forget to assign and grant it to the users.

Source: Screenshot Microsoft Teams Admin Center \ Calling Policies

Update March 13, 2023 – In my Teams lab client there selection menu is now available.

Source: Screenshot Teams client app on Windows \ settings \ calls \ When you’re in a call and receive another call

Conclusion, opinion and summary

Busy-on-busy is a very convenient feature which is available in Microsoft Teams telephony for some time by now. However, until now only Teams Voice Admins can configure this centrally and assign it to specific users/all users, as needed. The new feature enables admins to give users the option to decide on their own if they want to use busy on busy (busy signal) or not.

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  1. Hello Erik, are you aware if one can Get / Set this User setting with PowerShell?
    I mean: what users actually set up for themselves if BusyOnBusy calling policy is set to UserOverride; “Let new calls ring me”, “Play a busy signal” or “Redirect as in call unanwsered”
    This setting does not exist in the Get-CsUserCallingSettings.


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    • Hello justfcts,
      No, unfortunately not.
      I checked the latest Teams Shell Module 5.0.0 but did not find any cmdlet providing any further options for configuration or checking users’ busy on busy configuration.


    • Hello Golan,
      You are welcome.
      To me, the roadmap statement „…option to allow calls to come through …“ is some kind of call waiting. It should be similar to not having busy on busy enabled, e.g. a second incoming call rings at the user’s Teams devices/apps even if he/she is busy in another call. And can decide to answer and hold/end the first call/ exit meeting (in different Teams app windows).

      Exception – probably – call queues, I don’t expect changes here for call queue members.

      I haven’t had the chance to test this by myself because I’m also still waiting on the feature’s availability to do so. We’ll have to wait for it’s release to be really sure what’s it like.

      Best Regards,


      • Hi Eric,

        I have already this feature but no “Call waiting” is one of the choices.

        For my understating, call waiting means, if the user in a call, the 2nd call, the caller will hear call waiting tone.



        • Hi Golan,
          got it, it’s no that call waiting with a special call waiting tone for the 2nd caller. 2nd caller should get a common ring tone on his/her endpoint. I’m going to change this in the post above to avoid confusion. Thank you!
          Best Regards,


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