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On this page you can find some links to third parties, external and publicly available resources. I share the links for your convince. The listed links do not belong to this website and blog. Linked and referenced contents are not part of this website and blog. These (linked) websites are owned and operated by third parties. erik’s blog has no control and no responsibility over these third party websites with its contents and does not provide any warranty on availability or else.

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Microsoft 365 Blogs

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Learning resources

Microsoft Teams Calling with Direct Routing

Microsoft Teams Calling with Operator Connect

Microsoft Teams Calling with Calling Plans

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Session Border Controllers

Hereinafter, you can find some links to additional resources regarding Microsoft Teams Direct Routing.

Continuous Learning and Change Management

Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business Server

Advanced Calling and Call Routing

Advanced call routing, call management, call reporting and call insights, e.g. Contact Center solutions for Interactive Voice Responses (IVRs) and Automated Call Distribution (ACD), mass call handling by receptions.

Advanced Video and Video Interoperability

Video is essential for communication and collaboration nowadays. Today, there are many vendors and services available for video communication and collaboration. Some also offer certified interoperability with Microsoft Teams and some don’t. Furthermore, there are tools available which can help make the video experience more compelling. Therefore, you can find a few links and references for your convince and further reading.

Advanced Collaboration Security

Security is key to a successful communication and collaboration deployment. Most tools and services are secure by design but in fact offer standard security mechanisms like multi-factor authentication (MFA) and encrypted transport layer security, for instance. Depending on your industry different regulations apply and cause different requirements for your communication and collaboration service implementation and operation. That’s why there are some further configuration options in the services or third-party services are available to make UC platform services more secure to align it with your regulator and compliance requirements. In this section, I share a few links for your convince and further reading.

Google Workspaces (formerly known as G-Suite)

Cisco Collaboration


Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Artificial Intelligence and Bots



IT Strategy, Architecture and Project Management

IT services have to add value to people and companies using it. Due to the fact that IT changes rapidly it is important to plan properly, execute plans, get it running and keep it operational. This might sound easy but it is not. There are many influencing factors which you take into account that’s why a holistic approach is mandatory. A vision (long term), strategy (long term), architecture, (agile) project management, (agile) service operation and more should be seen as key success factors on the long run for businesses utilizing IT, especially the larger the company is. The following few links are for your convince and further reading.

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