From Windows Live Space to WordPress

Hello Everybody,
I felt like writing something in English. So I’ll quickly tell you why this blog now changed.
Windows Live Spaces will be closed in spring 2011. And the now offer to move your blog to wordpress. The reason why they do this is that there are customers or users who asked for more functions for their blogs. So Microsoft and WordPress could arrange a partner relation so that useres of Windows Live Spaces can completely migrate their weblog to WordPress and use more features there.

Microsoft managed to make it very simple to move your blog to WordPress. There are a few easy and quick steps which have to be done in order to move your blog to wordpress. It’s about 5 up to 10 minutes of effort and some clicks. That’s it!

Microsoft really made it easy to useres to migrate their contents to a new WordPress blog. I fully migrated my blog a few days ago and I was surprised how easy it was and I’m looking forward to change things here. E. g. design, plugins and all this stuff. 😉

As far as you are considering to move your blog: Just do it! It’s easy and you’ll be glad to use all these new features offered by WordPress.
Enjoy your blog’s migration!

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