Transform your business by leveraging best practices and standards based on the Open Business Architecture (O-BA) Preliminary Standard Part 1

To transform requires planning and not just the planning as you need for projects. Transformation is a journey and a change without an definite end. Why is this so? All variables for your business change over time. It’s just a matter of time, it can be minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades… Therefore an holistic approach can help to support persistent change and transformation. O-BA is about transformation vision, thinking and communication to prepare and drive transformation for your business.

The Open Group launched the so called Open Business Architecture (O-BA) Preliminary Standard Part 1. It an standard to support enterprise transformation. It might be subject to change and two more parts will follow and are being developed.

O-BA defines an approach to ensure a clear understanding of business vision by all stakeholders throughout the enterprise transformation lifecycle. Working in accordance with the standard enhances alignment, governance, and integration between all aspects of transformations.

[…]  the standard explicitly reckons with the systemic nature of transformations, the varying interests and goals of stakeholders, and moreover prepares for consistent communication of business priorities and needs throughout the lifecycle. It addresses a real need to solve structural challenges in enterprise and organizational transformations. (Source: )

The Open Group Launches the Open Business Architecture (O-BA) Preliminary Standard Part I to Support Business Transformation

Open Business Architecture (O-BA) – Part I

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