Online Audiocodes Command-Line Reference Guide for SBCs/GWs Version 7.20

This post is about news regarding the Audiocodes CLI Reference Guide. If you configure Audiocodes Session Border Controllers (SBCs) or Gateways you may know that there are some features and settings you might need or prefer to set them via command line (SSH/telnet).

In the past you downloaded the latest reference guide from the Audiocodes Library as PDF. Now there is a new site where all the commands can be found and looked up. You can find the guides as before via the Audiocodes Library.

Conclusion, opinion and summary

I prefer to use the site instead of the PDFs because the commands are easier to find at least for one version. However, it would be nice to have the option to switch between versions. E.g. if you have still a SBC with 7.0 a version selection which enables you to switch from 7.20 reference guide to 7.0 would be nice. Otherwise you had to navigate via the Library to that version. Finally, this new content delivery is nice and all you need. I like it.

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