Cloud Storage by 2020

In this post I like to share a nice info graphic from statista which depicts where data is and will be stored.

In 2015 most data was stored locally (66 %) and only around a third (31 %) was in the cloud. The graph shows that, of course, storing data online in the cloud increases. By 2020 more data is stored online in the cloud instead of locally / offline / onpremise.


The author of the statista article also quickly mentioned the pros and cons, he says, that it is more comfortable and faster. Hence, he also says, that it poses risks, e.g. data breaches or leaks can cause high costs for people and companies which are subject to these.

Conclusion, opinion and summary

First of all, I’m a big fan of statista’s info graphics. Nicely illustrated and easy to understand figures.

Based on my personal and professional experience I’d assume that these above figures and trends regarding data storage locations seems to be comprehensible. I guess that cloud service adoption statistics would also draw similar trends.

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