Merge Microsoft Teams Calls

In this post I like to highlight a long awaited calling feature for Microsoft Teams Telphony. As of now, you can make and receive several PSTN calls in Microsoft Teams but not merge them.


Let’s draft the following call scenario: If you are on a PSTN call with person A and person B is calling you, too. Given the situation that you now want to discuss a related topic all together, ad hoc, you might like to bring together the person A, person B and yourself in the held and ongoing call. Today, you cannot just merge the calls, you would need to start a meeting to bring them together. This is unhandy in some situations.

Microsoft added an new item to its M365 roadmap and announced Call Merge which enables end users to

  • merge a 1:1 call into another 1:1 call
  • merge a 1:1 call into another group call

The rollout is planned for August 2020.

M365 roadmap featured ID 606054

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