Team Templates for Microsoft Teams

This post is about Team templates for Microsoft Teams and how it can help you as an admin to deploy a Teams Team quicker and more standardized.

If you go to your Teams Admin Center (TAC), open the Teams section on the left hand navigation, you’ll see a new menu called Teams templates. That’s were you’ll find a list of pre-defined templates as well as the option to add your own and customized template based on your requirements.

Screenshot – TAC – Teams templates

The following screenshots show you how you can create a Team template by using the TAC.

Screenshot – TAC – Creation of brand new template

At first you can decide to create a brand new template, build a new template based on an existing one or use / modify an existing one.

Screenshot – TAC – Creation of brand new template

In this example I create a new customized template for the department research and development. Therefore I’ll prefix the template name with “template” (optional, maybe not ideal because it reduces readability by users if they are enabled to create a Team). Below you provide a short and long description that users will know what the template is for in detail as well as the language/locale.

Screenshot – TAC – Add default channels and apps usually needed

In case you know what apps are used typically and what channels are needed usually, you can create and add it as needed. To me, it makes sense to talk to someone from the department, e.g. team lead, department lead or else to figure out what’s needed if unclear.

In case you are busy and want to start with it you could either talk to the members of the team/department or you could, for instance, use Microsoft Forms and Power Automate to create some kind of survey to send it out and ask what certain users would like to have as template, if there is a reference team or else.

Screenshot – TAC – Newly created template is now listed

After saving it, the template will be listed in the template’s list. Please note, it can take some time till your users and you’ll be able to select templates in your Teams client for creation of a new [Teams] Team based on a template.


At the time of writing this post there are some limitations regarding Team templates. I could not yet pre-configure the following:

  • Team membership
  • Team picture
  • Channel settings
  • Connectors
  • Files and content

Conclusion, opinion and summary

Using templates is a good way to get a Team in Teams more standardized and deliver what’s needed anyway by certain teams/departments/… The process to create a template is easy and one of many options to establish some [Teams] team baselines which can be further customized if needed by Team Owners. The biggest advantage I see is that users which need to create a team in Teams, e.g. for a project, but don’t do this regularly are supported by this feature or users which do this regularly will be more effective in creating teams in Teams because of the pre-configured templates available to them.

So stay tuned, Microsoft is planning to add more capabilities here as the documentation says. I’m personally looking forward to add files and contents in a template which might allow to add a “readme”, although it is probably better to create a app for this, e.g. learning pathways or a SharePoint site with some adoption contents as well as a Teams etiquette etc.

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