Microsoft Teams UX improvements for calling

This post is about a planned change for the Microsoft Teams user experience (UX) in the call section for Teams on Windows and Mac. Microsoft announced in fall 2020 that simplifications in the user experience are in development. In December the announcement could be read in the Microsoft 365 message center with the message ID MC229945. The update says that you’ll have a more compact view in the section for calls which shows contacts, voicemail and calling history on the same page. As of now, the rollout of the change is planned to begin in mid Januar 2021.

Source: Microsoft 365 Admin Center Message Center Message ID MC229945

Conclusion, opinion and summary

This change is really helpful because it will save you time by avoiding several clicks to find or get to what matters most for telephony. I’m looking forward to this, especially because this is a great improvement for the user experience. Users will get the most important information and options in the calling section directly at a glance without the need to find the required information (contact, call history…) in any sub-menu.

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