Registration for Microsoft Teams Meeting Attendees

This short post highlights the planned registration capabilities for attendees in Microsoft Teams Meetings. Microsoft added a new announcement which says that we probably will get a registration page for Teams Meeting attendees. Currently, February 21, 2021 the roadmap states that we might get the registration capabilities starting from March 2021.

Roadmap Picture

What will the feature look like as far as we know?

For what we can read at the moment, it will

  • enable you to add a customized page for attendee registration to a meeting.
  • the capability will help to check attendance before and after a meeting
  • registration confirmation mail for attendees including calendar invite
  • reporting dashboard
Source: Microsoft 365 Roadmap Featured ID 66586
Source: Microsoft 365 Roadmap Featured ID 66585

Conclusion, opinion and summary

This is going to be very helpful if you plan for larger meetings, in my opinion.

I guess, maybe you start with 50 people, at the end of the meeting there are 40 so you might get better details on when someone left based on the report dashboard. That would be nice because it could help you to create more engaging meetings and keep more attendees in (in the next one). You than could figure out the cause why people at minute hh:mm left. I’d say, although the larger the meeting the more probable that people leave, e.g. she/he has to join another meeting or else. Nevertheless, I provides you a rear view on your meetings to improve meetings and contents over time, in particular larger meetings.

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