Fluid in Microsoft Teams chat

Fluid components are rolled out to chat in Microsoft Teams start at mid-August 2021 as stated on the recent Microsoft 365 roadmap feature ID 82779 status [July 2021]. Despite usual co-authoring of documents, fluid is a new underlaying service for certain Microsoft 365 services and tools, which enables more live collaboration and changes to fluid components. Using fluid components is helping to get rid of changing contents at several places, you are going to change it once and at other places it’s changed as well, in theory and as far as I could see. I could not yet test this myself for Teams chats but we’ll all probably can go and tests this ourselves in summer 2021.

Source: Microsoft 365 admin center – MC270177 – Message center

The fluid framework is intended to get integral part of Microsoft Office 365 to create a real-time collaboration experience across places and locations wherein documents or contents based on fluid are stored.

Source: https://admin.microsoft.com/AdminPortal/Home#/MessageCenter/:/messages/MC270177

To use fluid components in chats there is no task for an Teams admin except to start informing users about the upcoming change. Users can start as it becomes available by inserting the live components below the chat message box, as depicted below. That’s more or less it. Enjoy it as soon as you’ll find the fluid components being live and available for your tenant and users in Microsoft Teams.

Source: https://admin.microsoft.com/AdminPortal/Home#/MessageCenter/:/messages/MC270177

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