Expiration of Team Meeting recordings

In this post I want to highlight the auto-expiration for Teams Meeting recordings. I assume that your Teams Meeting recordings are already stored on OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online instead of Microsoft Stream (classic) based on Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 67138/MC222640. If this is the case, automatically expiring Teams Meeting recordings can be configured later this year. As mentioned on the recent roadmap (August 8, 2021) the auto-expiration is scheduled for rollout beginning in late September 2021.

Screenshot Source: Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 84580

What’s important to note is that the documentation should by read thoroughly, because it reads that the default expiration is 60 days. This should be fine for most users. However, you can also adjust the duration regarding the expiration and set a higher or lower period of time for Teams Meeting recordings to be deleted and land in the recycle bin. The configuration should get available in the Teams Admin Center after it’s availability and in PowerShell as well. MC274188 states that the PowerShell cmdlet and parameter should become available after September 1, 2021. This is not supposed to work for users having an A1-license. For A1 users Teams meetings recordings are planned to expire after 30 days by default, not adjustable.

#Change Microsoft Teams Meeting recording auto-expiration 
#Connect Teams

#Change meeting policy to change recording expiration to 30 days for example
#Value can be from 1 to 99999 days (273 years)
Set-CsTeamsMeetingPolicy -Identity Global -MeetingRecordingExpirationDays 30
#The parameter -CallRecordingExpirationDays is ignored as of August 08, 2021 (subject to change)


If a recording gets deleted the user receives a mail notification. After deletion the Teams meeting recording is in the users recycle bin wherein it can be restored. Depending on your configuration in retention/deletion/legal hold policies this can interfere and influence the behavior for retention/deletion/legal hold. Old recordings on Microsoft Stream (classic) are not affected as you can read in MC274188.

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