Microsoft Skype for Business Server Diagnostics

This post is about a tool to check some common aspects and scenarios of your on-premises Skype for Business Server deployment. The On Premise Diagnostic (OPD) can help you to analyze your on-premises deployment based on some scenarios and rules to gain insights in order to fix common issues.


Where can OPD help?

OPD can analyze your SFB server deployment based on a few scenarios:

  • contact list
  • deployment best practices and modern authentication support
  • Exchange integration (Exchange Server, Hybrid, Online)
  • federation (on-premises, hybrid)
  • Hybrid (instant messaging and presence)
  • services (frontend server services startup)

Which Skype for Business Server versions can benefit?

  • Microsoft Skype for Business Server 2015
  • Microsoft Skype for Business Server 2019

For more details on how to use and install the tool, you might want to go to the GitHub repository where you can read the detailed instruction to use the PowerShell-based tool.

Additional resources

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