First impressions on Microsoft Power Pages for external-facing websites

At Build 2022 Microsoft announced a new Power Platform service called Power Pages. It is intended as a platform option for creating, running and managing modern external-facing business websites. In other words it enables you to build a business website utilizing all these rich capabilities of Power Platform and Microsoft 365. Some might know Power Apps portal, Power Pages is the next level for external-facing business websites. Today, Power Pages is in preview and you can sign up for a 30-day free trial.


I made a quick first run on Power Pages and I like to share some first impressions and screenshots (de-de) with you.

Conclusion, opinion and summary

The screenshots showing you a few minutes of testing or actually setting up an external-facing website. It worked like a charm as far as I could see and test in a few minutes. However, Power Pages is a low-code SaaS which means that it requires at least a little understanding of coding. Nevertheless, I’m convinced that there plenty of use cases and people who can leverage the Power Pages capabilities for business-2-business (B2B) or business-2-consumer (B2C) needs. Power Pages is definitely something you should dive in deeper if you work with Microsoft 365. It might offer other approaches and ideas for use cases regarding external collaboration or information delivery which you might have covered by using SharePoint Online in conjunction with other Microsoft 365 services.

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