Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform

In this post I like to highlight a topic which was announced during Microsoft Inspire 2022 the Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform. In other words a native omnichannel contact center based on Microsoft Teams, Dynamics 365, Azure Communication Services (ACS), Power Platform and Nuance.


What’s does the platform offer at a glance?

  • artificial intelligence (AI) powered self-service experiences
  • live customer engagements
  • collaborative agent experiences
  • business process automation
  • advanced telephony
  • fraud prevention capabilities

What could it do for you?

Generally speaking (and simplified) an omnichannel contact center can help your business to achieve better customer engagements and communication on different channels (chat, bot, sms, phone, mail, social media, …). AI (Nuance) can support the communication and processes around. It can bring up relevant information (e.g. based on Dynamics 365) to the agent required in the case, it could connect agents in the case with the same skills to solve an issue together. In case of the Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform it combines and leverages many features based on Microsoft’s cloud services and Nuance to achieve more and happy customers.

Conclusion, opinion and summary

I have not yet dived deeper into Microsoft’s Digital Contact Center Platform. So far there are a marketing videos, case studies, overview slides/sessions from Inspire 2022 and a learning path available called Configure and work with call centers in Dynamics 365 Commerce. Today, there are a some certified contact centers available for Microsoft Teams and more are in the certification process as of writing this. A contact center platform is usually highly customizable depending on your business requirements for customer engagements via different communication channels and processes. The subject is complex and nothing you can configure alike. It requires a thoroughly assessment and understanding of business needs to develop a suited and customized solution. At Inspire 2022 in the session BRK30 it was mentioned that today, there are 500k organizations and 97 % of Fortune 500 companies which use Dynamics 365 and Power Platform each month. And of course the reason for Microsoft’s Digital Contact Center Platform: the big challenge is that customers leave due to a bad customer service experience. Based on the session this is also caused by disconnected data, information and agents which is not available or who are a hard to get involved to solve the case. Therefore Microsoft Digital Contact Center brings together different services to set up a better customer service.

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