Microsoft Teams Highlights from Ignite 2022

In this post I like to summarize and list my Microsoft Teams’ highlights from Ignite 2022. This year’s Ignite conference was packed with lots of annoucments and news by Microsoft. For further details on features there is more to read on the blogs and sites referenced to in the additional resources section at the bottom.


Please note that the below features, dates and times are just indicators and subject to change at any time. The below listed features are not complete and no complete list, just some highlights which I like to point out.

What’s new in Teams Calling?

  • Users can manage busy-on-busy settings on their own | early 2023
  • Federated group calling | rollout started in October 2022
  • Detailed call history | GA
  • CRM browser pop-out | soon
  • Teams IP phone updates regarding user interface and performance | September 2022
  • Teams SIP gateway – DECT devices integration | October/December 2022
  • Teams SIP gateway – analog phone support | early 2023
  • Teams SIP gateway – overhead paging device support | early 2023
  • Branch Office Survivability v2 | early 2023
  • Teams Shared Device licenses | December 2022
  • Teams Phone Mobile (formerly Operator Connect Mobile) | GA
  • Teams Azure Communication Services support | GA

What’s new in Teams Rooms and Teams Devices?

  • Cisco is a certified Microsoft Teams Device Partner | certified devices 2023
  • Center-of-the-room intelligent camera | early 2023
  • IntelliFrame (frames speaker/s even in Teams Rooms) | Q1 2023
  • Signature Microsoft Teams Rooms (kind of immersive collaboration rooms) | ?
  • Microsoft Presenter+ (tool/remote control) | pre-order depending on market region
  • Licensing update for Teams Displays and Panels

What’s new in Teams Meetings and Webinars?

  • Microsoft Places | soon preview, 2023
  • Cameo in PPT Live | GA
  • Select Together mode for everyone | GA
  • Assign seats in Together mode | GA
  • Collaborative annotations in Teams meetings
  • Excel Live | roll out starts in October, GA December 2022
  • Teams Premium license (for advanced meeting capabilities) | preview December 2022, GA February 2023
  • Mesh avatars for Microsoft Teams | private preview

What’s new in Teams Chats and Channels?

  • New channel user experience (UX)
  • Mention @everyone
  • Delete chat
  • Expanded reactions
  • Video clips (send/receive video message instead of text or audio)

Conclusion, opinion and summary

That’s a lot of new features and feature announcements, isn’t it? And that’s not everything, of course. For further reading and details you can follow the links in the additional resources section.

Additional resources

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