Microsoft seems to plan adding a calling capability to Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams but only for GCC High. The roadmap says that this enables a Skype for Business on-premises user to call a Microsoft Teams Call Queue via VoIP or PSTN. The capability’s general availability is scheduled for June 2023 (if this isn’t a typo?). Further details are not specified, e.g. if this means and requires Skype for Business hybrid based on SFB Server 2019, does not require a SFB Server 2019 hybrid or else.

Conclusion, opinion and summary

Anyway, due to the fact that this is for GCC High only (Microsoft 365 Government Community Clouds High, US) it might be a special requirement and to meet specific governmental/authority/law requirements?

To me, this is just an nostalgic eye-catcher. I read through some Microsoft 365 roadmap items and suddenly read “Skype for Business”. 😉

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