Retirement of wiki in Microsoft Teams

Teams in Microsoft Teams offer a huge amount of features and capabilities for collaboration, as we all know. However, there is one which is retired soon. Which one? It’s the Teams wiki. The retirement process is going to start in mid-February 2023 based on Microsoft’s 365 message center notification MC496248.

Don’t panic if you have been using wikis in Teams. They won’t be deleted right away based on MC496248. In the first phase you will not be able to create new wikis, you get the option to export a wiki’s contents to OneNote which are located in Teams standard channel. Furthermore, of course, there is alternativ to Teams’ wikis, which was already available anyway, OneNote.

As of now, OneNote notebooks can be created and added manually to a Teams channel but later – there is no exact date or transition period mention – OneNote will be added by default to new Teams channels. More information about the ongoing change will be published by Microsoft at later date. The message center notification contains the recommendation to start exporting wiki data as soon as it becomes available for your Microsoft Teams wikis.

Conclusion, opinion and summary

In my honest opinion, wikis did not deliver what they should based on their name. In past Teams collaboration workshops and trainings which I held the expectation based on the term “wiki” and what the actual “wiki” within a Teams channel offered differed a lot. That’s why using OneNote as an notetaking app in Teams channels instead of the wiki functionality was always a preference by workshops’ attendees as the could compare both, wiki and OneNote.The latter has more to offer especially with their own apps on Windows, iOS and Android which added broader capabilities to it. So stay tuned via Microsoft’s 365 message center regarding this change, in case you have been using wikis in Teams. From now on, you might better not proceed to use Teams wikis and start using OneNote instead.

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