In this post I like to notify about a neat feature for all Teams users which are often on the move and need to join an online meeting while being in transit.

Microsoft Teams provides a feature called “Call me”. It allows you to make an online meeting call you on a phone number of your choice. E.g. before or during an online meeting you can select that you want to be called for that meeting. You can select this as you join an online meeting. You can do this upfront, before the online meeting starts or during it takes place.

Conclusion, opinion and summary

The feature might be already known from Skype for Business online meetings. It’s really handy if you are just about to leave a place and maybe go to your car/public transport/… and want to have your hands free, so you can pre-join an online meeting and set a call me. Finally, you only need to answer the incoming call on your cell and your in the online meeting.

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