Multi messenger Franz 5

In this post I present Franz, a multi-messenger for Windows, MacOS and Linux to you. How many messaging services are you using? Probably more than three, right? It’s a common challenge to cope with several services on several devices, everywhere it rings, you get popups and notifications.

Franz could help you, at least on Windows, MacOS and Linux. You can have a single-pane of glass, one app to deal with all your messaging services (Whats App, Skype, Hangouts, Slack, ICQ, Gmail, Outlook for O365, LinkedIn, Teams, and many more), see below and on the website.

Screenshot Franz 5 on Windows (available services, just a few)
Screenshot Franz 5 on Windows (available services, e.g. Microsoft Teams)

What feature does Franz offer?

Just to name a few, Franz offers the following features and messenger capabilities:

  • Unlimited amount of services
  • Desktop notifications & notification management
  • Workspaces to order/group/control your services
  • Multi-language support / availability
  • Cloud synced
  • Multiple instances
  • Extensible

How much is it?

There are basically two options available

  • Free (adverts, no team & workspace features, …) 0 €*
  • Premium (ad free, team & workspace features, onprem/hosted services, …) 4 €/month or 36 €/year*

* Prices are subject to change at anytime. Prices here are just a indication and not binding at any time.

Conclusion, opinion and summary

Great concept, great idea, I really like the idea of combining every messaging service into a single app instead of multiple apps. That’s really a hub for messaging. Although it’s a great tool I’m missing a app for mobiles, e.g. iOS and Android.

In my opinion Franz is very nice solution to cope with many messaging services in one tool on your Windows, MacOS and Linux desktop.

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