Microsoft Ignite 2020 gets virtual, too

Microsoft announced that the annual tech event “Microsoft Ignite” will be a pure virtual event due to the current circumstances. The event was planned for September 2020 in New Orleans. Besides Ignite, other conferences were also announced to be virtual-only. E.g.

  • Microsoft Build | May, 2020 | developer conference
  • Microsoft Inspire | July, 2020 | partner conference
  • Microsoft Ignite | September 2020 | tech conference
A few attendees going to their next sessions @ Ignite 2019 OCC

Conclusion, opinion and summary

I’m looking forward to Ignite 2020 albeit it will take place online-only and although it is not the same as an in-person event. This is the only way to host any event anyway concerning the the current circumstances instead of canceling it completely. And of course this has also advantages compared to an in-person event, for instance,

+ no travel [time, cost, stress]
+ attend anywhere
+ attend anytime [or when it’s fits best for you].

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