Skype for Business Server 2019 Modern Admin Control Panel

This post is about the Modern Admin Control Panel (MACP) in Skype for Business Server 2019. In July 2019 MACP were introduced in order to get rid of the old SFB admin center which can still be used and requires, still Silverlight. If you as an SFB admin like to use the GUI it meant that you had install Silverlight to use the old CSCP (Communication Server Control Panel, or Lync/Skype for Buisness Control Panel). Microsoft heard customers who are relying on Skype for Business Server and brought MACP to life.


With the release of SFB 2019 CU March 2021 Microsoft announced general availability for the MACP. This is the third release or phase of MACP which gets extended by Microsoft over time with more and more capabilities which you need to manage Skype for Business Server 2019 within the MACP.

MACP March 2021 – What can we manage?

Microsoft added further capabilities for managing SFB 2019. There are now the following pages to manage SFB:

  • Home
  • Users
  • Conferencing
  • Federation and External Access
  • Voice Routing [new]
  • Voice Features [new]
  • Response Group [new]
  • Conferencing (Dial-In-Access Number sub-tab) [new]

How can you use it?

To use it, you’ll have to install it as described on the offical post.

If you have installed it you can open it using https://<pool-fqdn>/macp

Further more MACP can use OAuth, in regards of login, so that your domain account which is used on the Windows machine is logging in directly. However, this requires Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)

What’s also noteworthy is that you can re-configured your SFB 2019 simple url like https://sfbadmin.domain.tld to used and open directly MACP instead of the CSCP.

Additional resources

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