Share Mail in Outlook with Teams

This post shows you how you can share a mail from Microsoft Outlook to Microsoft Teams. If you receive a mail in Outlook you can find a new button in the menu which lets you share a mail with or without attachment to Microsoft Teams. You can address the mail to be shared to a specific person or a channel. For details, read the how to, further down in this post.

Source: Microsoft 365 Roadmap Featured ID 70598

How to share a mail from Outlook to Teams?

Screenshot – mail in Outlook

Select the mail and click the share with Teams button.

Screenshot – recipient selection and message box

A browser popup shows up and asks you with whom you want to share the mail, with or without attachments.

Screenshot – sharing it with a Teams channel

After selecting the recipient, here a Teams Team channel you can click share.

Screenshot – mail sent

How to share a message from Teams to Outlook?

The other way around is also possible. You can share a message or conversation from Teams to Outlook as well. Therefore you just have to click the conversation options (three dots “…”) and hit share with Outlook.

Screenshot – share with Outlook
Screenshot – share with Outlook

Conclusion, opinion and summary

In my tests it took some time to bring the content from Outlook to Teams and vice versa.

Share in Teams/Outlook brings both tools closer together. It bridges a gap especially in regards of users’ tool preferences. Users who might tend to work more with Outlook can keep working with Outlook and do not need to switch to compose or forward a message to Teams.

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