Microsoft Build 2021

This year’s Microsoft developer conference #MSBuild takes places from May, 25. – 27., 2021 and will be carried out as digital event-only. You can register now and specify your interests to learn more about and connect with other developers regarding:

  • Cloud Development
  • Developer Tools and DevOps
  • Data and Analytics
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Language and Frameworks
  • Business Applications
  • Teams Apps

Build gives developers the chance to learn and connect in different areas and topics and formats, e.g.

  • Technical sessions
  • Breakout sessions
  • Ask the Experts sessions
  • One-on-One consultations
  • Humans of IT
  • Local Connections
  • Table Talks

Details are not yet available [at the time of writing this post] but become available as soon as the session catalog is online. The begin of the conference is scheduled for May, 25, 2021 08:00 AM (PT), so it’s 17:00 (CEST, Berlin, Germany).


Pro Tip: As soon as the session catalog is online: you can and should start to plan your sessions and check out where you want to attend or to connect. Depending on your personal and professional goals you can learn and connect. To start, I really recommend to plan and schedule these days that you don’t miss anything you would like to learn, in particular the sessions where you can connect. Usually, key notes, technical and breakout sessions are recorded to be watched afterwards on demand but the chance to connect might be limited and only available live and to a certain time and date.

Microsoft Build 2021 Call for Moderators (Table Topics) until May 6, 2021

I applied for the Microsoft Build 2021 Call for Moderators (Table Topics) to moderate a meeting to share and connect like-minded people under the proposed topic “Drive innovation using Microsoft Teams for collaboration”. Let’s have a look if this is a subject what people would like to discuss and connect.

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