How to give feedback for Microsoft Teams?

In this post I describe how you can provide feedback for Microsoft Teams. Due to the fact and announcement Microsoft Teams UserVoice is getting discontinued in 2021, as you can read on the Microsoft Teams UserVoice page in May 2021. As long as it exists you can provide feedback for Microsoft Teams. But what’s next?


Microsoft Teams User Voice

Screenshot – Microsoft Teams User Voice [May 5, 2021]

Well, the offical support documentation or knowledgebase article and the UserVoice page states that 1st party solutions will replace UserVoice. So, in other words, Microsoft seems to provide their own tools and options to give feedback.

What are these? As of now [May 2021]? Regarding Teams the following options are given:

  • Microsoft product-integrated feedback options
  • Microsoft Tech Community
  • Microsoft Store
  • Microsoft Support
  • Microsoft Teams Customer Feedback Visit [see Teams UserVoice page]

Microsoft Teams-integrated feedback options?

Today, you can provide feedback in the Teams client, for instance the app on Windows. On the left-hand navigation, at the bottom left, you can click on Help and further select “Suggest a feature” or “Give feedback” depending on what you would like to do.

Screenshot – Microsoft Teams Help in the Teams navigtation panel

Microsoft (Teams) Tech Community

The Teams Tech Community is a forum and place where you can read Teams news, start a discussion by asking questions in a forum-like discussion board, answer questions others posed and connect with others like-minded people. The community is moderated so I’d say and seen that if you post something which gets a lot of views and tracktion it could get visibility at Microsoft. Either a moderator could get involved or someone at Microsoft could jump into the discussion.

Besides the blog and discussion you’ll also get information of upcoming events like Microsoft Teams AMA (AMA = Ask Microsoft Anything) and much more. To stay up-to-date you might want to join the Microsoft Tech Community and subscribe to the Microsoft Teams AMA, Blog and forum.


In all stores, I’m talking from the app stores for mobiles (e.g. on iOS and Android), you can also rate the app and give feedback herein.


Another option is also to raise a support ticket at Microsoft Support if there is an issue or difficult technical question you want to get fixed or answered. However, at the name already says it’s more a break fix support and not a hotline or a group or people to propose feature requests. Nevertheless, it is one way to give feedback, too. Because if there are many support tickets regarding a similair issue it might raise awareness that there is something what needs attentions and maybe more than just a break fix. Depending on the severetiy and complexity tickets might be escalted to another support level or even to engineering (product group) which also gets involved to fix or support with an issue. At that point you might provide feedback regarding the issue which could help for improvment.

Microsoft Teams Customer Feedback Visit [May 2021]

Also, depending on a survey, Microsoft could ask for your direct feedback by visiting your company. This is a rare and huge opportunity to provide feedback for your company in case you filled out the survey and get selected for a feedback visit. The goal is to ask you about what works well and what does not etc.

Conclusion, opinion and summary

In my opinion, it’s sad that Microsoft Teams User Voice is going to vanish and getting replaced. To me, it was a central feedback portal for all about Teams to give feedback, ideas and vote up interesting ideas of other people as well. As of now there is no real replacement. The Tech Community is more for interactive discussions and not directly for voting up interesting ideas like Teams private channels or else to make a community-based feature request come to life in the product and service. UserVoice was reviewed by engineering which made the idea and feature request process straightforward and direct without any other “hops” involved. Also, you could point users to it if users were telling you that they are missing a super, super, super important feature so that they could directly request it and up-vote it by others.

Recently, I’ve seen that there are feedback forms but that’s not the same. I hope that there will be a simlair replacement to UserVoice for proper feedback engagement. Maybe a certain new space in the Tech Community for ideas and idea discussion and support, not that big discussion boards, something lean, simple, well-arranged and interactive for different kind of stakeholders.

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