Microsoft Feedback Portal Preview

Microsoft launched a new feedback portal (preview) to replace the user voice portals. The new portal for feedback is one option to provide feedback, propose an idea and get it upvoted that it is recognized by the Microsoft Engineering Team which might take the idea into consideration in their development.


To give feedback or vote you need to login and you are ready to go.

Source: Feedback · Community (

If you click on a topic you can see what ideas are proposed by others from the community. By searching or using filters and categories you can refine your results.

Source: Feedback · Community (

Conclusion, opinion and summary

So far I like the new portal and more and more Microsoft products and services are getting added to it. To me, using my existing Microsoft account (personal/business) is the best. Furthermore, I like the clean and minimalistic design without any distractions. It is a plain and simple design, in my opinion, and has everything I need as far as I see at the moment. I hope that we will see more and more, not to say all, Microsoft products and services here to provide feedback. A central portal would be very nice.

So, provide your feedback to get heard and/or support ideas to make topics visible to Microsoft in order to get products and services improved the way you need it. Don’t forget to share it on social media etc. so that other people can vote for your idea. The more votes the more probably it is noticed by Microsoft.

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