Scheduled access reviews for Guest users in Microsoft Teams

This post is about scheduled access reviews for guests in Microsoft Teams. Access reviews are a service to check access on your Microsoft 365 resources, like Teams. With scheduled access reviews you can get reports and verify which access is in use and what was accessed, to keep it short.

Source: Microsoft 365 Roadmap Feature ID 70778

To use access reviews you need to have Azure AD P2 licenses.

You can configure access reviews in the Azure AD Identity Governance space.

Screenshot - Azure AD \ Identity Governance

To configure your access reviews you can start by just adding a new one.

Screenshot - Azure AD Access Review
Screenshot - Example access review
Screenshot - Example access review

Conclusion, opinion and summary

Access reviews are one of many features to secure your tenant and see what is access to manage your tenant’s guest user’s lifecycle (from on- to offboarding a guest user). You can even decide on mitgiation or an action which is carried out automatically in case the reviewer does not respond.

If you have Azure AD P2 and have guests in your tenant it might be helpful to track access. You do not need PowerShell scripts to report on guest user access based on sign-ins or else.

In my opinion scheduled access reviews for Microsoft Teams can support your holistic security concept, especially if users collaborate a lot with guest users in Microsoft Teams. Nevertheless, it is just one service or element in a holistic security concept for collaboration.

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