Microsoft Teams Direct Routing SBA

In this post I like to highlight the virtual appliance’s release of the Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Survivable Branch Appliance (DR-SBA) by Audiocodes. Audiocodes announced the DR-SBA release in the recent Product Notice #0414. This enables you to deploy your Audiocodes DR-SBA on-premises as a virtual appliance.

One of my older articles explained what a Teams DR-SBA is, see link in the additional resources’ section.


Features overview

  • deployed on the existing virtualization environment on Hyper-V 2016/2019 or VMware ESXi 7.0+
  • PSTN calling survivability on connectivity failure with Microsoft Teams
  • interoperable with Audiocodes SBCs

Minium VM requirements

  • CPU cores: 2
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Disk: 50 GB (SSD/HDD)
  • vNIC: 1

Additional resources

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  1. […] Microsoft Teams Direct Routing SBA. Having your business telephony in the cloud has it’s downsides, too. When your internet connection drops you’re left without working phone system even for devides sitting on the same local network. Unless you utilize Survivable Branch Appliance … […]

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