Microsoft SharePoint Online Domain can be renamed

In this post I like to highlight a new configuration option to rename your SharePoint Online domain, soon. As of now you could not change it except you created a new Microsoft 365 tenant. But soon you can change your default SharePoint Online domain. The preview of the renaming functionality is rolling out. On June 16, 2021 Microsoft published a new site in the service’s documentation on how you can rename a SharePoint Online domain. Tenants with few SharePoints Online sites are receiving the preview first, as state in the docs.


In case you have Microsoft 365, utilize SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and the original <tenantdomain> used on establishing your Microsoft 365 tenant might not fit especially the more you collaborate using Teams, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business, now there is a way to make a change.

Based on the <tenantdomain>… your SharePoint Online is provisioned and gets <tenantdomain> The arriving configuration option allows to change the <tenantdomain> to something else, if required, e.g. in a company M&A or divestiture scenario or just if the original <tenantdomain> is not suited for public representation in regards of collaboration and sharing.

I’m not going to write down here how you can change the domain for your SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business, it’s very well documented at and in fact you need to properly prepare and read through the documentation, the larger your SharePoint Online deployment and its usage is.

There are limitations and impacts categorized from low to high which you must pay attention to. For more, I’d recommend to read through the documentation.

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  1. […] Microsoft SharePoint Online Domain can be renamed. Till now sysadmins could only dream to rename their Sharepoint Online domain. No more. Microsoft is slowly releasing this ability to the crowds. You will find the whole procedure in the MS documentation. This is a huge improvement for all Microsoft 365 sysadmins. […]


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