Better together Windows 11 and Microsoft Teams?

This post is about Windows 11 and Microsoft Teams and what I have seen and noticed so far. Microsoft announced Windows 11 in it’s Windows online event on June 24th, 2021. Now, you can find many videos online and documentation to get a first look on Windows 11 if you have not yet seen it. At the bottom of this post you can find some cross-references where you can find more information for further reading or watching.

Microsoft Windows 11

Microsoft Windows 11 seems to bring a more tightly integration of Microsoft Teams into the operating system. The architecture of Teams also seems to get changed therefore. As of now, one major layer and framework for the Teams apps was Electron [a open source framework, for apps on different platforms based on Chromium and Node.js]. In the future Microsoft Teams moves forward from Electron to Edge Webview2 [framework for apps on different platforms based on Microsoft Edge Chromium] as it enables Microsoft Teams for a more tightly integration and the foundation for enhancing the user experience in regards of user accounts, release and scalability.

Microsoft Teams on Windows 11

What’s are the key benefits of Microsoft Teams on Windows 11?

As far as I know and what I read the following aspects are key benefits and advantages of Microsoft Teams on Windows 11:

  • connect faster with people (family, friends …)
  • chat integration in the Windows 11 taskbar
  • use text, chat, voice, video to connect immediately
  • use two-way SMS if the person you are contacting has not yet downloaded the Teams app
  • mute and unmute directly in the taskbar
  • less resource hungry Teams app

Currently, these mentioned aspects seem to be directed towards consumers and do not reveal if there are any other more business or enterprise-related features or functions find there way into Microsoft Teams. Also, I’m not sure how the two-way SMS capability is implemented on a global scale, global availability and if this is only for consumers or also something for business or enterprise users?

Conclusion, opinion and summary

Surprise, surprise. Well, I did not expect to see a new Windows to be honest. I thought that Windows 10 will stay due to the service idea behind. Well, it is not that way and we will see a new Windows in the near future. The Windows 11 preview should get available in the week of June 28th, 2021 as mentioned by Microsoft via the Windows Insider program. To me, the presentation did not yet reveal much about Microsoft Teams. To be fair it was no technical deep-dive session, of course, it was an overview and for this I’m totally happy with what I saw and read so far. I guess that we might get more details on Microsoft Inspire (soon) or not later than Microsoft Ignite. Finally, to answer the heading’s question, I’d definitely say yes. Stay tuned.

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