Access files offline in Microsoft Teams

In this post I like to highlight that offline access for files in Microsoft Teams is being rolled out. Based on the Microsoft 365 roadmap feature ID 81563 you are going to have access to previously opened files in Microsoft Teams even if you do not have any internet connection at the moment. The feature’s rollout has started in June 2021.

Source: Microsoft 365 roadmap featured ID 81563

The feature seems to be rolled out to the Teams mobile app as well, as you can read in the roadmap under feature ID 68750.

Source: Microsoft 365 roadmap featured ID 68750

Conclusion, opinion and summary

Back in March 2021 Microsoft introduced an offline feature for message queuing to enable users sending messages which are sent out as soon as internet connectivity is back there or inform the user if the message was not sent out within 24 hours to resend or delete it.

This feature brings more offline capabilities to Microsoft Teams apps in case you are offline. In my opinion there are plenty of uses cases for being (maybe) suddenly and temporarily offline. During certain circumstances like traveling and having no internet access or experiencing a temporary internet connectivity outage. So, to me, it is a good thing, being able to do at least a few things while being offline in Teams could help to bypass or bridge the time without internet.

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