Music on hold during Teams call transfer

This is post is about music on hold (MoH) in Microsoft Teams for call transfers with and without previous consultation. Today, if you answer a (PSTN) call in Microsoft Teams which you want to transfer with or without asking the person to whom you want to transfer the call, you don’t get MoH. This can be awkward especially if the caller you are about to transfer or transfering does not hear anything, silence. That’s bad and could make the caller think that the line is dead which makes him cancel the call although SIP (signaling) and the call is technically alright. I’m glad to read the Microsoft 365 roadmap feature ID 82957 which says that we will get MoH for both (non-)consultative call transfers in Microsoft Teams. Yay. The recent roadmap [July 1, 2021] states that the rollout is scheduled for July 2021.

Source: Microsoft 365 roadmap featured ID 82957

Conclusion, opinion and summary

MoH is essential in call transfer scenarios, in my opinion. No MoH is affecting the calling experience especially in companies where you have people, like receptionists and attendants who are using Teams to transfer calls on a daily basis. I wonder what Microsoft took so long for this because MoH was implemented for usual calls on hold in 2019? However, we can not have everything at the same time, priorities might change. Let the past be past and embrace that we will have MoH in call transfers soon as well.

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