Microsoft Teams music on hold for call transfer from start

In this post I like to highlight a recent Microsoft 365 roadmap update which tells us that we will get music on hold (MoH) for calls on hold during a call transfer as soon as the call transfer gets initiated. To me, the latter is the difference to as-is because there is MoH available and/or you could make it available in Teams Direct Routing deployment by configuring your Session Border Controller (SBC) to play MoH.

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The roadmap says that the feature gets into general availability in September 2022 (at time of writing this) and is for desktop, Mac and web clients.

Source: Microsoft Teams: Music on hold for call transfer – Microsoft 365 Feature ID: 98431

Conclusion, opinion and summary

The feature is past due, in my personal opinion. That’s why I’m excited that we finally get this feature update. Today, if not configured otherwiese with Teams Direct Routing (SBC) there is silence if a call gets into call transfer and MoH is played, but with a slight delay. That can be very uncommon in sense of user experience, because a user might think the line is broken and hangs up although the call transfer process has been started. So this is really good news, I’m looking forward to see MoH from starting a call transfer without delays.

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