Join Teams meeting anonymously from Teams desktop app

Microsoft is adding support to join Teams meetings in another tenant anonymously from the Teams desktop app. The rollout for the new feature is planned to start in October 2021 as stated in the recent Microsoft 365 roadmap (ID 86311) as well as in the Microsoft 365 message center notification MC285905.

Roadmap Picture

Anything to do?

As stated in the notification it honors the configuration of the tenant’s Teams meeting settings. Which must be configured to Anonymous users can join a meeting in order to make it work and allow it.

Source: Screenshot Microsoft Teams Admin Center Meeting settings

Maybe the feature is disabled for some reason in your tenant which means that external participants cannot join anonymously if your Teams users host a Teams meeting. Or you cannot join anonymously if this is not enabled in the tenant wherein the Teams meeting is hosted.

Conclusion, opinion and summary

Enabling anonymous join is a tenant-wide setting. That’s why you should carefully think about enabling it or not.

In case you enable it you might want to check and adjust your Teams meeting policies to avoid that anonymous people can start a meeting, i.e. anonymous people need to wait in the lobby until someone from your organization lets people attend by accepting their participation. Therefore you could check and configure:

  • Let anonymous people start a meeting
  • Roles that have presenter rights in meetings
  • Automatically admit people
Source: Screenshot Microsoft Teams Admin Center Meeting policy

The advantage is if you have different use cases in your organization you could configure several meeting policies and assign each of them to different users. E.g. the above meeting policy might be set in the global meeting policy but in further custom meeting policies Let anonymous people start a meeting is configured differently, especially if certain users might need to organize and host meetings with external parties and not always join these meetings.

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