Microsoft Viva gets as extensions for OKRs

In this post I like to highlight the acquisition Microsoft made recently. On October 7th, 2021 Microsoft published the announcement that was acquired to extend their Microsoft Viva portfolio in order to add more capabilities to it.


By the acquisition of the goal is to grow and enhance Microsoft’s employee experience platform (EXP) called Viva. The plan is, as the official announcement states, that is being added to Viva over the next year.

What is

To put it in a nutshell: provides capabilities for OKR (objectives and key results) to align a company’s, team’s and employee’s goals to achieve the company’s mission as well as the targets each employee wants to reach. Using OKRs should help to improve business outcomes. The following topics are covered by according to their website:

  • plan business strategy and goals
  • connect work to outcomes
  • align individuals to impact
  • lead business reviews, board meetings and retros
  • orchestrate the OKR process

If you want to test it already today, you can do this directly within Microsoft Teams by adding Ally to Teams. As of now you can use it as is.

Screenshot: Microsoft Teams App Store

Conclusion, opinion and summary

Adding OKRs to Viva makes sense and can get very useful especially in times where many work remotely and alignment is important to reach defined business outcomes. To me, it seems to be a suited expansion for the Viva platform to extend and strengthen the key pillars for communication, knowledge, learning, resources and insights. I’m sure we will hear and read more about the upcoming changes and integration in the next months. So stay tuned.

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