Global sign in and sign out on Microsoft Teams for frontline workers on iOS

This post is about a Microsoft Teams capability for frontline workers using Teams on iOS devices. Today, if you have deployed Microsoft Teams to your firstline workers utilizing a pool of shared iOS mobile devices in e.g. the production space, you might have waited for this capability. The capability was already announced in 2019 to go in public preview for Android devices in 2020 and afterwards become available in public preview for iOS devices. So the public preview might end in November 2021 for iOS based on the recent roadmap and the feature might leave preview to become generally available.

Roadmap Picture

Using shared devices is not that easy especially due to user-based licensing, potential personal information on the account etc. With roadmap feature ID 85736 Microsoft announces the global sign in and sign out capability for frontline workers on iOS using Teams.

Based on the roadmap information a frontline worker will be able to sign out of a shared mobile device (iOS) an all apps at once which then will consequently remove all personal and company information from the device.

Source: Microsoft 365 roadmap feature ID 85736

Conclusion, opinion and summary

This seems to be really useful e.g. for shared devices which might be used by a different user in each shift. However, in my experience many companies which deploy Teams to firstline workers use Android devices. Mostly due to the price that a company might not want to provide high-end and expensive mobile devices to firstline workers in areas where a mobile device might get broken quickly especially without a robust device case or cover. Furthermore there are some “special” devices available on Android which are built for firstline workers requiring robust devices and also devices satisfying some further requirements, e.g. ones based on the IPxx specifications.

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