Trade-in program for eligible devices to get Microsoft Teams Devices

Recently Microsoft partnered with Network-Value to offer a trade-in program in order to replace devices with Teams devices. Network-Value is company from the United States of America which can provide its services globally.

How does the program work?

You have to provide some details on the devices to receive a quote telling you what you get for these devices and if you agree you can proceed with shipping the devices. After the devices are received and checked by Network-Value you get paid.

The program can be used with listed devices, i.e. not all legacy video/phone devices you might have are eligible for a trade-in. The program’s FAQ pages states that there is no procurement required.

Conclusion, opinion and summary

If you start to build your hybrid workplace and have listed devices it might be worth it. Depending on the amount of devices, money getting paid and planned investments in new devices it could be worth it, e.g. Teams Meeting Room devices, Teams IP phones, Teams panels, Teams displays, Teams certified headsets or else.

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