LinkedIn profiles in Microsoft Teams

In this post I like to highlight the announced feature which brings LinkedIn profiles to Teams. Based on Microsoft’s 365 roadmap feature ID 89132 it is planned to bring LinkedIn profiles to Teams in 1:1.

Roadmap Picture
Source: Microsoft 365 Roadmap Feature ID 89132

As the roadmap item reads it seems to be only for colleagues, so that you can see their LinkedIn profiles in 1:1 chats, not in meetings and just Microsoft 365 tenant users,. Probably not for guest users and not for external chats from other organizations.

At the time of writing this, the feature is scheduled for March 2022 to reach general availability (GA).

Conclusion, opinion and summary

First of all, I like to say that I like the idea of getting all (relevant) data showing up at one place if there is any.

I’m just guessing and I could imagine that we might get a tab in the Teams user’s contact card showing some LinkedIn profile data? Furthermore I also guess that this could require either the user to do something like connecting LinkedIn in Teams or use the company’s mail address and no private one to get it kind of connected or linked? Otherwise I hope it is not showing up if a user does not like this.

I do not know, right now, if there will be any way to configure this as an Teams admin (enable, disable, limit to a group of users …)

As of now I do not have more information as stated in the roadmap and this opens up room for speculation and thoughts on the topic. I’m looking forward to get more information the closer we are to the feature’s GA date.

Update (March 27th, 2022)

As recent news states will a new tab show up in the Teams chat area of the person to whom you are chatting to which provides LinkedIn profile information, if available.

Source: Microsoft Support Knowledge Base article – Use LinkedIn in Teams (

As an administrator you can configure not much about it in Teams but in Azure Active Directory, as you can see in the following screenshot of the user settings area in the Azure Active Directory and read in the Microsoft docs. This allows an administrator to enable the feature globally for everyone in an Microsoft 365 tenant or selected group of users. This is a prerequisite for LinkedIn profiles in Microsoft Teams.

Source: Screenshot Azure Active Directory Portal \ User Settings
Source: Screenshot Microsoft Teams Client (64-bit)

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