Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams Calendar Integration using Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer

In this post I like to introduce you a newly added troubleshooting tool to the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer. Usually you won’t have much to troubleshoot if your are a Teams-only user and your mailbox resides on Exchange Online. In case you have a Exchange Hybrid deployment and run in Teams-only mode there are some caveats. To get your calendar in Microsoft Teams working requires a clean and knotless Exchange Hybrid implementation. Typically proxies/reverse proxies for Exchange Server publishing/firewall rules and interceptions can provide headaches in order to get the deployment working as you would like it to work. The above also applies for clients each Microsoft Teams client requires proper connectivity towards Microsoft 365 services. So what’s new to help you with this?


There are several tools and approaches out there to analyze and troubleshoot issues regarding Exchange hybrid and Teams calendar. Microsoft now added another very useful one to the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer. For those [IT Pros] who do not know about the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer, you should definitely take a look at it. It can help you doing some quick analysis for communication and collaboration topics in regards of Microsoft technology. Microsoft recently added “Teams Exchange Integration” to the Remote Connectivity Analyzer.

Source: Screenshot Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer

In this particular “Teams Exchange Integration” test you should run it at least twice, as recommended by the steps in the wizard. One run is with an Exchange Server mailbox account and one with an Exchange Online mailbox.

Conclusion, opinion and summary

The Remote Connectivity Analyzer is a web based test tool. It is easy to use and you do not have to install and troubleshooting app on your systems. The tool is checking common connectivity requirements for your Teams Exchange Calendar integration. If a parameter does not fit the analyzer tells you and gives you an indication what you have to check and change to make your Teams Exchange Calendar integration work.

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