Audiocodes SBC and gateway major software update 7.40A.300

In this post I inform about a the latest software release (LR) for Audiocodes SBCs and gateways. By version for Audiocodes’ session border controllers (SBCs) and media gateways some wanted key features become available.


Key features

Software version adds the following key features:

  • High availability (HA) mode support for Median VE/CE SBC on Microsoft Azure
  • Multiple management interfaces (OAMP, previously only one interface could be configured to be a management/OAMP interface)
  • Automatic configuration of network interfaces on public clouds (VE/CE automatically detects changes on an interface of the underlying VM and updates its network configuration accordingly)
  • Preloaded certificates of popular trusted root certificate authorities
  • IPv6 support including management interfaces (previously only for signaling and media)
  • New VM types for Mediant VE/CE on AWS (added support for c5n, m5n instances)
  • SIPREC triggered upon early media (recording starts before call is answered, e.g. for pre-call announcements)
  • Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Alorithm (ECDSA) for TLS
  • Quick access to product documentation from device’s web interface (e.g. user manual, installation manual, security guidelines, release notes)
  • FQDN support for third-party servers
  • Maintenance script support for the Mediant 9000, VE and CE

For more details you can read the latest product notice 0480 Product Notice – SBC-Gateway Software Update for Latest Release Version 7.40A.300 (

Please note, that is not yet officially supported with Teams Direct Routing based on the recent Teams Direct Routing documentation, at the time of writing this overview. So I would not go live with this version in production unless otherwise stated in the documentation or test properly in a lab environment.

Conclusion, summary and opinion

That is a great update blast! To me, the HA, multiple management interfaces, auto config, preloaded certificates and quick access to product documentation are very welcome.

Additional resources

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