Microsoft now enabled Teams Voice Administrators to enable/disable/change phone numbers for Direct Routing deployments via Teams Admin Center. This eliminates the requirement to use Teams Shell to manage Teams Direct Routing Phone Numbers.


Thanks to Martin Heusser (LinkedIn/Twitter) for sharing this feature update via LinkedIn which originally came from Jamie Stark (Microsoft Program Manager in Microsoft Teams on Twitter). There was no feature item listed on the official Microsoft 365 roadmap.

So, this updated directly caught my attention and surprised me. Personally, I did not expect to get this heavily requested feature (by all Teams Voice Administrators) soon because there were no news around this circulating. Nevertheless, now we can be pleased to have it. Let me quickly show you where you can change Direct Routing phone numbers in the Teams Admin Center.

How to change a phone number for a Teams Direct Routing user?

Until recently you had to start a Teams PowerShell and run the cmdlet, for example:

Set-CsUser -Identity userxyz@domain.tld -LineUri "tel:+49711999999999999" -EnterpriseVoiceEnabled $true -HostedVoiceMail $true

Now that it is available in the Teams Admin Center you can find the option as follows.

Open Teams Admin Center and go to Users and its sub-menue Manage users

Source: Screenshot Microsoft Teams Admin Center

Search for and open the user’s account for whom you would like to add/change/remove a phone number.

Source: Screenshot Microsoft Teams Admin Center

After you found the user’s account, click on Edit in the General information area.
On the right an overlay opens. Wherein you can select the phone number type “Direct Routing” and enter a phone number (without +, added automatically) like 49711999999999.

Source: Screenshot Microsoft Teams Admin Center

In case you want to remove/delete an assign phone number you just have to clear the “Assigned phone number” field and hit “Apply”.

That’s it. Enjoy.

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