What do we know about the Microsoft Teams Client Preview so far?

In this post I like to let you know about the upcoming Microsoft Teams Client Preview. If you follow me on twitter you might have read my re-tweet about it. Based on the original source of information we could start to experience the Teams Client Preview around March/April 2023.

What you could to in order to get the preview soon?

In general, if you want to test previews you can configure the Teams update policy accordingly. This means that you could configure your Teams update policy to allow preview (“Enabled”). Maybe not your global Teams update policy because it is applied for all users in your organization but it depends on who you want to enable for the preview/s. You can configure this via Teams Admin Center or via Teams Shell.

Source: Screenshot Microsoft Teams Admin Center \ Teams Update Policies

First impressions Microsoft Teams Client Preview

At the time of writing this I was not yet able to test the preview of the new Teams Client. However, the option to switch to the preview was shown but my tenant was not yet enabled for it by Microsoft.

A switch is displayed to switch to the preview or back.

If you switch to the preview you can some kind of welcome and start screen displayed.

Than it takes some time to load the new binaries, the Teams preview client.

To me, it says to early (DE) and I’ll have to wait a little longer. Hopefully not much longer.

I cannot go back in this kind of preview lobby. The only action I can take is to sign off here. Nothing happened. I stopped my Teams client and started it again which brings me to the next screen in order to switch back to the normal and recent Teams client.

Now, I’m waiting till Microsoft has released and enabled the preview for my tenant.

By the way, if you already have the preview running, feel free to let me know, comment this post and say what are your first impressions, so far?

Conclusion, opinion and summary

I’m excited about the preview and looking forward to test it as soon as it arrives in my tenant. For all of us (Teams users), I hope that the performance, stability and user experience gets a massiv uplift and boost as it was mentioned in the source news article. Stay tuned!

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